About Us

Fitness is not a fad or a trend, it’s a lifestyle. As you nurture this lifestyle, you see it culminating into not only your wellness but your wellbeing.

With that mantra and the vision to give more to our beloved city of Surat; we, Aakash and Vikas along with our partners Sumit and Hardik bring to you K2 Sports Café. Your patronage at our other venture, Kinaara, has overwhelmed us; we listened to what more you wanted from us and to offer you all of that and much more our facilities at K2 include a 14000 sq. ft of turf for cricket, football, handball etc. and a multi-sport-court for basketball, tennis and volley ball. We do not intend to stop at providing you the infrastructure, we wish to be your partners and support your regimes by providing best-in-class coaching for sports like Cricket, Tennis, Football, et al. Pursuant to our holistic health approach we also look to conduct Yoga and Mental wellness sessions at our facility. We think age is only a number and our facilities are for a 8-year-old and a 70-year-young alike!! That’s not it! With our café, right by the side you need not look any further to treat your taste buds; we have got you covered. And for our food-lovers, we now have an extensive menu at our café for you to indulge in.

Nothing brings people together like sports or good food does; and that’s why we say, K2 is not just a place to hang out, it’s a place to bond.